Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vishvas News?

Vishvas News is a fact-check initiative and certified by International Fact Checking Network (IFCN). Vishvas News is managed by a separate and dedicated editorial team led by certified fact-check trainers, who are highly committed and properly-trained journalists and rigorously follow all fact-checking guidelines and SOPs.

There are so many news sites, why should I support Vishvas.News?

Vishvas News publishes news stories after checking the authenticity on the basis of the facts without any fear or favour. The team always documents the sources in the form of screenshots and links so that readers are empowered to do independent research and makeup their own minds. Vishvas News follows non-partisan policy and stands by its ethical stand of 'no Influencers policy' which ensures that its stories are not influenced by any external bias. This policy not just restrains our funding but also our selection of ads. Hence, we rely mostly on our readers for financial support. Donation is the best way through which the readers can support us.

How can I help Vishvas News?

You can support Vishvas News in its mission against misinformation by making a donation to it. Our donation page provides many options customized and tailored according to your wishes. You can make donation once or multiple time. Click here. The minimum donation, so that we fulfill the processing amount, has been set as Rs 100.

What happens with my donation?

Once you finalize and confirm the donation process, the amount will be credited to the bank account of Vishvas News. Your donation will contribute to suffice the salaries of the editors working on the desk to debunk fake stories. This fund will also be used to develop new strategies to widen our distribution which includes organizing training programmes and fact check seminars. This fund will also be used to maintain a feasible infrastructure of the office.

Will I get any acknowledgement receipt?

You will get an acknowledgment of your donation within few hours after the process completion on your mail-ID. If it doesn’t happen, please write an email to and we will revert to you with the status of your donation process.

Is it safe to donate online?

It is safe to donate online. We use a safe donation portal. However, we recommend the use of a personal computer or phone to proceed with the donation and avoid doing it from a public area.

How can I be assured that my personal details will not be misused?

We follow a very strict data protection policy and are legally bound to not share or sell any information regarding our donors.

What are the modes of payment I can use to make the donation?

Following are the modes to make a payment:
Debit card, Credit card, Internet banking, Digital wallets, UPI, QR code, BHIM, NEFT(Bank transfer), Cheque and Demand Draft. Click here.

I have read all FAQs but my question is still unanswered.

Please visit Vishvas.News where you can find more useful information regarding your query. In case you couldn’t get hold of what you were looking for, you can contact us by writing to us at .