Pallavi Mishra is the Quality Check Manager at Jagran New Media and works as a fact-checker and proof-reader. Her specialization is verifying, re-checking and adding value to the stories. She is a media professional with over 10 years of experience in digital media. Before joining Jagran News Media, Pallavi has worked with media houses such as NDTV, India Today and IANS. She attended a 5-day Fact-Check and News Verification training conducted by a Google certified trainer. She has also completed Hands-on Fact-Checking: A Short Course – Poynter University’s eLearning course.


1: July 03, 2019
Vishvas News Team member (Employee ID- PN0065) did a fact-check story on a viral post on Facebook in which an image of an ice cream vendor was used with the claim — ‘गंगा घाट कोतवाली क्षेत्र के अंतर्गत कोतवाली के सामने आइसक्रीम बेचने वाले #राकेश (#दलित) को #जयश्रीराम ना कहने पर #मुसलमान समझकर #भगवागुंडों ने मारा पीटा।”.
He debunked the false claim made in the Facebook post and published a story on the facts. Later, another team member (Employee ID- PN0046) rated the same users’ post on Facebook.
Below was the link of the story team created to debunk the false claim made by the user in his Facebook post – https://www.vishvasnews.com/society/fact-check-ice-cream-vendors-image-viral-with-fake-claim/
Later, Team member with Emp ID – PN0046 found that the same images were being used with similar false claims by few other users as well on Facebook. The post was mistakenly rated as false which had the same image but correct description, “गंगा घाट कोतवाली क्षेत्र के अंतर्गत कोतवाली के सामने आइसक्रीम बेचने वाले को मारा पीटा पैसे छीनने का आरोप”. The Facebook page owner raised the issue with us and the required correction in the rating of the post was made following the guidelines and our correction policy.

2: May 31
The story done by a team member (Employee ID PN0046) was updated on May 31 to remove an unnecessary paragraph which was not required in the story.

Fact Check Stories By : Pallavi Mishra

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