Vishvas News is one of the leading digital fact-checking platforms in India. We choose our sources with utmost care and scrutiny, as their authenticity is one of the key determinants of our credibility.

The first step in our fact-checking process is verifying the source of the information or news. Once a claim is established, the most crucial step is finding credible evidence to verify the claim. Our fact-checks are based on multiple sources, and, if verification is not possible, the fact-check is not published.

The sources of the news or claims may be one or several media such as newspaper articles, news websites, shows on YouTube, tweets, Facebook pages, and other platforms of mass communication. 

In the online environment, individuals or organisations may falsely present others’ reporting as their own. Hence, it is our responsibility to ensure that the information we publish is verified and authentic. When publishing on our website, we give appropriate credit to the source of the information, such as news agencies like ANI, PTI and IANS, or other such outlets. 

The sources of images are also credited appropriately; for example, Getty Images, Images Bazaar et al, or a file photo from our records. All sources referenced in the story are hyperlinked or attributed appropriately.

All of our stories include screenshots and embedded URLs to support our fact-checking process. This makes it possible for readers to independently verify our findings.

At Vishvas News, we not only rely on technology but also employ traditional journalistic techniques. This involves reaching out to primary sources and experts to verify the authenticity of the information presented in an article. By obtaining direct commentary from individuals who have actual knowledge and expertise in the subject, readers are able to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the facts. We clearly mention the names and designations of these sources within the story to provide transparency and accountability.

From Jan 2021, Vishvas News received 1960 claims from users to fact check on its various social media platforms. Out of the total, the Vishvas News team fact checked 147 doable claims:

  • Claims received on various platforms:
    • Whatsapp Chatbot: 1927 (Doable: 139)
    • Vishvas WhatsApp no.: 28 (Doable: 7) 
    • Email: 4 (Doable: 0)
    • City-wise Whatsapp group: 1 (Doable: 1)
Sep-22Vishvas emailFact Check: WHO ने नहीं बताई ये 7 ब्रेन डैमेजिंग हैबिट्स, वायरल पोस्ट फर्जीhttps://www.vishvasnews.com/viral/fact-check-who-did-not-tell-these-7-brain-damaging-habits-viral-post-is-fake/
Dec-22Vishvas emailFact Check: Viral post on Covid XBB variant is misleadinghttps://www.vishvasnews.com/english/health/fact-check-viral-post-on-covid-xbb-variant-is-misleading/?itm_source=homepage&itm_medium=dktp_s1&itm_campaign=editorpick
Dec-23Vishvas emailFact Check: टाटा कंपनी अपनी सातवीं वर्षगांठ पर नहीं दे रही है 2,999 रुपए, वायरल पोस्ट फर्जीhttps://www.vishvasnews.com/viral/fact-check-the-share-company-is-not-giving-rs-2999-to-the-countrymen-the-viral-post-is-fake/
Dec-8Vishvas emailFact Check: स्टूडेंट्स के लिए फ्री लैपटॉप का वायरल मैसेज फेकhttps://www.vishvasnews.com/viral/fact-check-viral-message-of-free-laptop-for-students-is-fake/
Dec-1Vishvas emailFact Check : नटराज पेंसिल के नाम पर वायरल हो रहा है जॉब का फर्जी विज्ञापन, अलर्ट रहेंhttps://www.vishvasnews.com/viral/fact-check-fake-job-advertisement-is-going-viral-in-the-name-of-nataraj-pensilk-be-alert/
Jan-5Vishvas emailFact Check : रूस के कलाकार की कलाकृति को भगवान जगन्नाथ का दिल बताकर किया जा रहा शेयरhttps://www.vishvasnews.com/viral/fact-check-russian-artists-artwork-being-shared-as-lord-jagannaths-heart/?itm_source=homepage&itm_medium=dktp_s1&itm_campaign=editorpick
Jan-15Vishvas emailFact Check : असदुद्दीन ओवैसी ने नहीं गाया भजन, वायरल वीडियो एडिटेडhttps://www.vishvasnews.com/viral/fact-check-asaduddin-owaisi-did-not-sing-the-bhajan-viral-video-edited/
Jan-24City-wise Whatsapp groupFact Check: इंडियन ऑयल फ्यूल सब्सिडी गिफ्ट के नाम पर फर्जी लिंक हो रहा वायरलhttps://www.vishvasnews.com/viral/fact-check-fake-link-going-viral-in-the-name-of-indian-oil-fuel-subsidy-gift/

Vishvas News also received around 100 links for fact-checking on its WhatsApp number, of which 25% were doable. 18% of the doable claims had already been captured by the team before those were shared.

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