Correction Policy

We welcome suggestions and rectifications from our readers which we receive in the form of comments, mails and phone calls. In case we receive any complaint regarding the inaccuracy of our content, we immediately put it on hold and determine the facts. Once the facts have been examined, we take a considered decision and appropriately respond to the feedback. Depending on the authenticity and magnitude of the mistake/error, we remove/edit the published information or duly inform the reader in case the original news does not qualify as a mistake and our bases for arriving at such a decision.

It was brought to our notice by Facebook affiliated fact checkers that a piece of information in one of our stories was wrong. We probed and found that the news published by us was indeed factually incorrect. We re-worked on the story, corrected all the facts and republished the same with a disclaimer that the story has been updated and the information that was published earlier was wrong. Post this incident, we took an oath to strengthen our fight against misinformation and created a team to do fact checking regularly. Afterwards, we gave the fact-checking and news verification training to our journalists across verticals.

Below is the sample of story which was reported by our user as fake and we did a fact check and updated the correct story.


After –

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