Correction Policy

We welcome suggestions and rectifications which we receive from our readers in the form of comments, mails and phone calls. In case we receive any complaint regarding accuracy of our content, we immediately put it on hold and determine the facts. Once the facts have been cross-examined, we take a considered decision and appropriately respond to the feedback. Depending on the authenticity and magnitude of the mistake/error, we remove/edit the published information or duly inform the reader in case the original news does not qualify as a mistake and how we arrived at such a decision.

As per our correction policy, we have strengthened our fight against misinformation and created a team to do fact checking regularly and monitor the content flow on website. In case of any appeal on our fact-checked stories, we take note of the details provided, do the correction/corrections following our SOP and IFCN guidelines and also put on record the stories done by the team members which needed corrections.

This correction record is also mentioned below the biography of the fact-checker who conducted the concerned fact-check.

The Vishvas News team also gives fact-checking and news verification trainings to our journalists across verticals.

1: July 10, 2018

It was brought to our notice by Facebook affiliated fact checkers that a piece of information in one of our stories was wrong. We probed and found that the news published by us was indeed factually incorrect. We re-worked on the story, corrected all the facts and republished the same with a disclaimer that the story has been updated and the information that was published earlier was wrong.


2: Sept 07, 2018

Below is the sample of story which was reported by our user as fake and we did a fact check and updated the correct story.


3: July 03, 2019

Vishvas News Team member (Employee ID- PN0065) did a fact-check story on a viral post on Facebook in which an image of an ice cream vendor was used with the claim — ‘गंगा घाट कोतवाली क्षेत्र के अंतर्गत कोतवाली के सामने आइसक्रीम बेचने वाले #राकेश (#दलित) को #जयश्रीराम ना कहने पर #मुसलमान समझकर #भगवागुंडों ने मारा पीटा।”.

He debunked the false claim made in the Facebook post and published a story on the facts. Later, another team member (Employee ID- PN0046) rated the same users’ post on Facebook.

Below was the link of the story team created to debunk the false claim made by the user in his Facebook post –


Later, Team member with Emp ID – PN0046  found that the same images were being used with similar false claims by few other users as well on Facebook. The post was mistakenly rated as false which had the same image but correct description, “गंगा घाट कोतवाली क्षेत्र के अंतर्गत कोतवाली के सामने आइसक्रीम बेचने वाले को मारा पीटा पैसे छीनने का आरोप”. The Facebook page owner raised the issue with us and the required correction in the rating of the post was made following the guidelines and our correction policy.

4: July 29, 2018

Vishvas News noticed a strike on Vishvas News Facebook Page on 29th July at 8.30 PM. It happened because Vishvas News Team member (Emp ID: PN0043) mistakenly rated our own story in Facebook dashboard. He had submitted Vishvas News’ fact-checked reference article in related content category. As a result, Vishvas News’s Facebook page received a strike. Later, the rating was corrected by him.

This was the story which was by mistake rated as false –


5: August, 2019

During our internal audit, the must-follow practice of Physical Verification was not followed in these stories. It was a case of the SOP violation as the team needs to follow the guidelines. Later, the required updates were added in all these stories. The author of these stories – Rama Solanki – has been disassociated from the fact-checking team.







6: Sept 16, 2019

Vishvas News received a claim on a story which was done on Sept 14 by Vishvas News Team member (Emp ID: PN0041)). Below is the story URL


Vishvas News received a mail from the admin of ‘Fir Ek Bar Modi Sarkar’ Facebook page claiming the rating given on its post by Vishvas News was incorrect. The author of the story didn’t get a required quote from Youth Congress.  As per the IFCN guidelines and the SOP, Vishvas News made necessary correction in the story and changed the rating of the Facebook post from False to True.

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