FACT CHECK: Post Asking People To Switch Off Phone Due To Cosmic Rays Is Fake

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  • Updated: June 26, 2019

New Delhi |Team Vishvas|A post has been viral for some time on social media, which says that some cosmic rays will cross Earth from 12:30 to 3:30 tonight. The post advises people to keep their phones switched off during this time as it could be very harmful for the body. We found in our investigation that this claim is false. ISRO made it clear in conversation with us that this news is fake.


The post claims: ” Tonight at 00:30 to 03:30am make sure to turn off your phone, cellular, tablet etc & put far away from your body! Singapore TV announced on the news! Please tell your family & friends! Tonight 12:30pm to 3:30am for our Planet will be very high radiation! Cosmic rays will pass close to Earth, So please turn off your cell phone! Do not leave your device close to your body, it can cause you terrible damage! Check Google & NASA BBC News! Send this message to all the people who matter to you! Thank you. “


In order to investigate this post we had to first know what cosmic rays are. We found that cosmic rays are actually a highly energetic atomic nucleus or other particles travelling through space at a speed approaching that of light. Earth continuously comes in contact with cosmic rays, but magnetic fields of the atmosphere and the earth mostly reflects them back to the space. The Atmospheric Layers of earch protect you from these rays.

The post mentions Singapore TV. We checked and found that there is no such channel.

For more confirmation, we talked to Indian space agency, ISRO. We were told that this news is wrong. People and machines on Earth are quite safe from cosmic rays.

This post was shared by a Facebook user named Ravindra Kumar Singh.

Conclusion: We found in our investigation that this claim is wrong. ISRO said that Earth continuously comes in contact with cosmic rays, but magnetic fields of the atmosphere don’t allow them to enter our ecosphere and act as a protective armor.

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Thank you for make us aware the truth

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