Fact Check: Saurav Ganguly’s fake tweet is going viral

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  • Updated: March 6, 2019

New Delhi (Team Vishwas) A faked tweet in the name of former Indian cricket captain Sourav Ganguly is going viral. The fake tweet directly targets Gandhi family. In our investigation, it was found that the Twitter handle which is being mentioned in the name of Sourav Ganguly is fake. Sourav Ganguly’s real Twitter handle is @ SGanguly99 is.

What is in the viral post?

Sourav Ganguly’s fake tweet has been viral for many days on the social media. Facebook user named Awasthi Deepak (@ awasthi.deepak) posted a post on the 5th of March sharing this post and said “Open invitation: Does any Congressman have courage to abuse Sourav Ganguly”.

Fact Check

The Vishwas team first tried to find the Twitter handle that has been mentioned in the viral post. This Twitter handle is @sauravganguly0. When we tried to find this handle on Twitter, we found out that the handle has been suspended. But in our search, we found many tweets where this handle was tagged. Though, the handle was tagged on 11 May 2018 for the last time.

After this, we discovered Saurav Ganguly’s real Twitter handle. The address of Sourav Ganguly’s real Twitter handle is @ SGanguly99. This is a verified handle as it has the authentic blue tick. Sourav is active on Twitter since August 2014.

Sourav Ganguly’s real Twitter handle

Now it was time to reach the source of the fake tweets. For this, we searched some of the posts on Facebook and Twitter. The lines used in the post were first used on Facebook on December 2, 2017 by a user named Apna Shubham (Varun). You can see this clearly in the image below.

फेसबुक पर 2017 से फैला हुआ वायरल मैसेज का कंटेंट

When we scanned the profile of this user, we got many details. According to the Facebook intro, Shubham is living in the Garhwa district of Jharkhand.

Screenshot of your Shubham Facebook account

Conclusion: In our investigation, we found that the tweet which is going viral in the name of former cricket captain Sourav Ganguly of the Indian cricket team is fake.

Know The Truth… Spread Awareness

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Translated by Pallavi Mishra

  • Claim Review : Sourav Ganguly Tweeted against Gandhi's
  • Claimed By : Facebook User Deepak Awasthi
  • Fact Check : False
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