Fact Check: No, this is not a video of MVA rally but that of Maratha Kranti Morcha

Viral video of the crowd marching on the flyover was not from a recent MVA rally but from Maratha Kranti Morcha from over five years ago.

  • By Vishvas News
  • Updated: December 21, 2022

New Delhi (Vishvas News): In a recent show of strength by opposition parties in Maharashtra, Maha Vikas Aghadi (MVA) allies marched for the ‘Halla Bol’ rally against the Eknath Shinde- BJP government and demanded the removal of Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari for his remarks against Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Maharashtra deputy CM Devendra Fadnavis called this rally a ‘nano morcha’.
Vishvas News came across a video amidst this war of words, which was claimed to be from the MVA rally.
A crowd is seen marching on a flyover on both sides in one direction, in the video claimed to be that of a recent MVA rally.

Vishvas News in its investigation found that the video is over five-year-old and that of Maratha Kranti Morcha.

Facebook user Jilani Sheik shared the viral video and wrote in Marathi

देवेंद्र फडणवीस ज्यास नॅनो मोर्चा म्हणून हिणवत आहेत तो हाच!
महाराष्ट्र प्रेमी जनतेचा बुलंद आवाज.
देवेंद्र जी..हे वागणे बरे नाही.
जय महाराष्ट्र!

Translation: The morcha that Devendra Fadnavis is calling nano morcha is this. This is the voice of Maharashtra. Devendra ji you should not behave like this. Jai Maharashtra.

Check the post and its archive version here.

Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut too had shared the video on his Twitter profile.

Other users too have shared this video.


Vishvas News started its investigation by carefully observing the video and checking the comments on the shared posts. Many had mentioned that this was a video of Maratha Kranti Morcha.

We uploaded the viral video in InVid tool and found out that the video was uploaded by a Facebook user, Abhinay Kohale on 9th August, 2017 claiming it to be from JJ flyover and that from Maratha Morcha.

We found a similar video on the verified Twitter handle of TOI Plus. The video was posted on August 9, 2017 and was said to be from Maratha Kranti Morcha.

It was now clear that the video was from Maratha Kranti Morcha.

In the next step of investigation, we contacted a journalist from Maharashtra Times, Mumbai, Sourabh Sharma who covered Maratha Kranti Morcha. We sent him the viral video and the claim. Sharma told us that the video was from Maratha Kranti Morcha and not recent from MVA rally.

In the next step of investigation we checked if there were any videos from MVA rally. We found a video on the YouTube channel of ‘midday india’.

Jagran.com too did a fact check on this video earlier. Read it here.

In the last step of investigation we did a social background check on user who shared the viral video.

Jilani Sheik is a resident of Mumbai and is followed by 614 people.

Conclusion: Viral video of the crowd marching on the flyover was not from a recent MVA rally but from Maratha Kranti Morcha from over five years ago.

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