Fact-Check: PM Modi’s image in a costume is fake, created by AI tools

The picture of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in strange attire is fake and has been generated with the help of AI tools.

  • By Vishvas News
  • Updated: April 21, 2023

New Delhi (Vishvas News): Since the invention of Artificial Intelligence and the enormous rise in its usage across platforms, people have been using AI for many different things. The current trend is using AI for making deep fakes. Internet users have been using AI to create imaginary images and share them on social media platforms. One such picture is going viral on the internet in which Prime Minister Narendra Modi could be seen in a strange costume.

Vishvas News in its investigation found that PM Modi’s image is fake and has been created by using an AI Tool. Earlier also, PM Modi’s images created with the help of AI went viral on the internet. Fact-check reports of those images can be found on the Vishvas News website.


Sharing the viral picture (archive link), social media user ‘Syed Ansar Hussain’ wrote, “These are the best lines I have ever read about our Be Loved P.M.”

Several other users have also shared the image with the same claim.


Vishvas News had earlier also investigated the AI-generated images of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and during this we came across the profile of an Instagram user named ‘Sahixd’. We found many AI-generated images of different personalities on his profile. A recent picture of PM Modi was also found on his profile. He shared the image on April 3 and stated that it is an AI-generated image of PM Modi attending the Met Gala.

The Instagram user had also posted AI-generated images of several other leaders. However, he mentioned that these images, including that of PM Modi, are imaginary pictures created with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Shahid described him as an AI supporter and digital creator in his profile.

Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence expert Abhijit Parashar was contacted regarding the viral AI pictures. He said, “There are certain patterns in the images generated with the help of AI, with the help of which they can be easily identified. This picture is also made with the help of AI tool”.

Even before this, a similar picture of the Prime Minister went viral on social media, which was created with the help of an AI tool. A few days ago, pictures of former US President Donald Trump’s pictures depicting his arrest went viral. Vishvas News found the images to be fake, which were created with AI tools.

The user who shared the fake picture of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, created with the help of an AI tool, is followed by around 1,200 people on Twitter.

Conclusion: The picture of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in strange attire is fake and has been generated with the help of AI tools.

  • Claim Review : Prime Minister Narendra Modi seen in a costume
  • Claimed By : Twitter User: Syed Ansar Hussain
  • Fact Check : False
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