Fact Check: Post claiming coloured boxes at end of toothpaste tube tell its ingredients is fake

  • By Vishvas News
  • Updated: February 23, 2021

New Delhi (Vishvas News): A post shared on social media claims that the color codes on toothpaste reveal the ingredients present in it. It claims that
Black color means Pure Chemical, Red means Natural + Chemical, Blue means Natural + Medicine and Green means Natural.

Vishvas News investigated and found the viral post to be fake. We found that the coloured boxes on the toothpaste tubes are related to the manufacturing process and not related to its ingredients.


A Facebook post shared by a page named ‘Wellness Products’ reads:
What does color code mean: “Black = Pure Chemical, Red = Natural + Chemical, Blue = Natural + Medicine, Green = Natural.” The caption with the post reads: “#FridayFact: Did you know what does the color code mean on your toothpaste? Share whats the color code on your toothpaste!”

The archived version of the post can be checked here.


We started our investigation by searching on Google using appropriate keywords. We found a blog on Colgate website titled: ‘What is the color of the toothpaste code?’.

As per the blog, “Oral care companies don’t mark their toothpastes with colored squares to try to trick consumers and hide ingredients from them. We’re sure you’re wondering, so why are there color blocks on toothpaste tubes then? We’re happy to report that they do, in fact, have a purpose! They actually help in the manufacturing of the toothpaste tubes by telling light sensors where the end of the tube is so that it can be cut and sealed properly.”

The ingredients are usually printed on the packaging, either on the tube itself or on the box it came in. 

According to American Dental Association (ADA), “Toothpastes can come in a gel, paste or powder form. While the ingredients differ slightly, all toothpastes contain the same general components.”

Vishvas News contacted Colgate regarding the viral post. According to Mr. Balaji, Customer Care Department, Colgate, “The colored marks at the tube helps the machine detect the end of the tube. It ensures that the printing is in the right place and it is sealed properly.”

The post is shared on Facebook by a page named Wellness Products. When we scanned the page we found that the page has 281 followers.

Conclusion: Post claiming coloured boxes at end of toothpaste tube tell its ingredients is fake.

  • Claim Review : Black = Pure Chemical, Red = Natural + Chemical, Blue = Natural + Medicine, Green = Natural
  • Claimed By : FB page:Wellness Products
  • Fact Check : False
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