Fact Check: This decoction cannot cure COVID-19 in 24 hours; however it can help in boosting immunity

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  • Updated: June 29, 2020

New Delhi (Vishvas News): A post going viral on social media claims that drinking corona kashayam made of turmeric, clove, lemon, and ginger boiled in 1 litre water can cure coronavirus within 24 hours.Vishvas News investigated and found that the viral claim is false. This decoction can be used as an immunity booster, it isn’t a covid-19 cure.


A Facebook post shared by a user named Arunachalam Alagappan reads in Tamil: English translation – “Corona syrup “Prevention is better than cure” Turmeric -1 spoon, Clove -2, Lemon with skin -1, Skin peeled ginger, Plus One litre water ( boil it till it becomes 1/2) to make the syrup Note : Suggestion from an allopathy doctor who got cured from coronavirus within 24 hours.” The archived version of the post can be checked here.


The viral post claims that an allopathy doctor cured a coronavirus infected patient with this decoction within 24 hours. Vishvas News did not find any doctor making such claim.

As per Dr. Vimal N., an Ayurveda expert from the Ministry of AYUSH, “These basic home remedies can be used as immunity boosters. It isn’t a cure.”

According to Dr. Madhusudan Aggarwal, and allopathy doctor and a General Physician: “This isn’t a cure for coronavirus. It can be used as immunity boosters.”

As per a report in the International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences titled ‘Nutrition and corona virus: Plan a diet in a pandemic’, there are a lot of traditional food items which can increase the immunity with an additional benefit of some antiviral properties. The medicinal properties of turmeric, the source of bioactive compound curcumin, have been known for centuries; still, the ability to know the exact mechanism of action and to determine the bioactive components are still not completely understood.

As per a report published in US National Library of Medicine, National Institute of Health, the health-promoting perspectives of ginger are well known. It can treat a wide range of diseases via immunonutrition and anti-inflammatory responses.  But, there is no evidence that it cures coronavirus.

As per another report published in US National Library of Medicine, National Institute of Health, cloves were seen to have anti-viral properties but there is no evidence proving that it can cure coronavirus.

Similarly, lemon as a Vitamin C source has been reported to boost immunity.

In April 2020, the Government of Tamil Nadu, recommended kashayams to ‘boost’ immunity. The decoctions made of certain herbs, would be given as immunity boosters, to the people. A programme named AAROKYAM was launched with AYUSH intervention for COVID-19 that recommended certain decoctions for immunity boosting.

Ministry of AYUSH also tweeted the same stating that Aarokyam consists of AYUSH remedies that help to enhance immunity & speed up convalescence in people. It was nowhere stated that it is a cure for coronavirus.

The post is shared on Facebook by a user named Arunachalam Alagappan. When Vishvas News scanned the profile of the user we found that the user is based out of Chennai.


A decoction made of Turmeric, Clove, Lemon, and ginger boiled in 1 litre water isn’t a cure for coronavirus as claimed in the viral post. However, it can act as an immunity booster.

Disclaimer: The #CoronavirusFacts database records fact-checks published since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak. The pandemic and its consequences are constantly evolving and data that was accurate weeks or even days ago might have changed. Remember to check the date when the fact-check you are reading was published before sharing it.

  • Claim Review : Drinking corona kashayam made of Turmeric, Clove, Lemon, and ginger boiled in 1 litre water can cure coronavirus within 24 hours
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