Quick Fact Check: Fake post Claiming WHO Said Coronavirus Is Losing Potency Resurfaces

  • By Vishvas News
  • Updated: September 30, 2020

New Delhi (Vishvas News): A post has resurfaced on social media claiming that World Health Organization (WHO) has conducted a study and has found that COVID-19 is losing potency. Vishvas News also received the post on its Whatsapp Chatbot to fact check. When Vishvas News investigated we found that the post is falsely attributed to WHO.


A post with a graphics and a WHO logo Vishvas News received on its Whatsapp chatbot reads: “Covid-19 Losing potency. A study conducted by world health organisation (WHO) and world majer hospitals has found that covid-19 become weaker,harmles those who have been recently infected by cronavirus, symptoms shows there is no lethal the petient will suffer covid-19 easer than two months ago.”


On carefully observing the photo we found glaring spelling mistakes in the viral graphics. We further investigated and found a report on Reuters website dated June 1, 2020, that claimed that an Italian doctor has claimed that coronavirus is losing its potency and has become much less lethal.

However, as per other news reports, WHO had refuted the claim that coronavirus is losing its potency.

VishvasNews contacted World Health Organization (WHO). As per WHO Spokesperson, the viral post is falsely attributed to WHO. They said: “No, that is a false post. In fact, in our press conference, we said the virus has not changed to become stronger or weaker. It seems to be staying the same.”

The complete fact check can be read here.


WHO didn’t say coronavirus is losing potency. The viral post falsely attributed to WHO has resurfaced on social media.

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