Fact Check: Measures Mentioned In The Video Are Not A Cure For Coronavirus, But Tips To Increase Immunity

  • By Vishvas News
  • Updated: September 2, 2020

New Delhi (Vishvas Team). A video is being shared on different social media platforms with a claim that coronavirus can be cured at home.  Vishvas News received this video on Fact Checking WhatsApp chatbot (+91 95992 99372). 

We found the claim to be misleading in our investigation. The prescriptions mentioned in the video can help in increasing immunity, but cannot be a treatment for coronavirus. Treatment should be taken only with the prescription of a medical practitioner. 


The video is viral on social media platforms like YouTube and Twitter. The title of this video posted on YouTube reads, ‘Coronavirus se kaise bache! Corona ke gharelu upay! Corona update corona virus ka ilaj ‘ that translates as How to avoid corona virus! Home remedies for Corona! Corona update treatment of corona virus’. The archived link to this video posted on YouTube can be viewed here. An archived version of this claim shared on Twitter can be accessed here .


Vishvas News first observed the title of this video that claimed to cure coronavirus. According to the WHO, treatment of corona virus infection has not yet been found. To know more about this, you can go to WHO’s site by clicking here .

Information provided on the WHO site.

Apart from this, the official introduction of the coronavirus vaccine has not been announced yet. However, some countries are claiming that they have successfully made the coronavirus vaccine. Such claims are yet to be approved by the WHO.

Vishvas News proceeded with its investigation with the video.  The beginning of the video talks about the use of social distancing, masks and sanitizers to prevent corona virus. Institutions like WHO are also suggesting this. However, the video is claiming treatment without a doctor after 3 minutes and 44 seconds. The video alleges that hospitals collect huge ransom for covid treatment.  In this sequence, it further suggests to drink a decoction of Tulsi made with ginger, turmeric and ajwain seeds. It suggests more home remedies. Vishvas News contacted Dr. Pragati Kumar, Deputy CMO, Ghazipur, who is engaged in treating covid patients. He said that no fee is being charged from covid patients in government Kovid-19 hospitals.  “Coronavirus infection is quite dangerous. Do not rely on such claims and treat yourself. Often the disease is aggravated in such a situation. Without a test, you cannot even know if you have symptoms of corona or a common cold-fever,” said Kumar. He further explained that people are self-medicating to hide their symptoms, which might turn dangerous. He clarified to us that the measures described in the video may help in boosting the immune system, but cannot be a treatment of coronavirus.

The Ministry of AYUSH has suggested some measures to boost the immune system here .

We scanned the profile of the twitter user Shiv Baba Baba who had shared this video. This profile was created in December 2017 and had 8 followers.

Conclusion: The video is misleading. The measures suggested in the video cannot be a cure for coronavirus but can act as immunity boosters. Government helpline and expert doctors should be contacted immediately if symptoms of corona infection appear. Self-medication can be fatal.

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