Fact Check: Image of Kanhaiya Kumar Campaigning behind Afzal Guru’s photo is fake

  • By Vishvas News
  • Updated: May 2, 2019

An image is doing rounds on social media in which Kanhaiya Kumar, CPI Begusarai candidate is seen purportedly campaigning behind a poster of Afzal Guru, a 2001 Indian Parliament attack convict.


The image is widely circulated on social media showing Kanhaiya Kumar standing on a campaign vehicle with a portrait of Afzal Guru on his vehicle.

Fact Check

The fact check revealed that the image is doctored. The viral image is taken from Kanhaiya Kumar’s mobile torch rally in Begusarai and is doctored. The original image has the poster of CPI’s symbol instead on Afzal Guru’s photo.

We searched the official Facebook account of Kanhaiya Kumar and landed up to a photo uploaded on April 27. We can clearly see that the photo posted by the official account of Kanhaiya Kumar has the symbol of CPI in his vehicle.

On the official Instagram account of Kanhaiya Kumar, we came across the following photo:

We used the keywords “Kanhaiya Kumar torch rally” on Google search we landed up to the 6.51 minute video of the same mobile torch show.

The original photo can be traced from the video at 1:50 minutes.

We used StalkScan to check the profile of the user Adarsh Kumar Bajpai who shared the doctored image and found many misleading posts on his profile.

We also observed that many users have commented at the post that it is fake.

Conclusion: The image of Kanhaiya Kumar campaigning behind Afzal Guru’s photo is fake.

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  • Claim Review : Image of Kanhaiya Kumar Campaigning behind Afzal Guru’s photo
  • Claimed By : Adarsh Kumar Bajpai
  • Fact Check : False
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