Fact Check: No, This Service Provider Isn’t Providing Free 200GB Data; Viral Message Is A Scam

  • By Vishvas News
  • Updated: December 11, 2020

New Delhi (Vishvas News): Vishvas News received a post on its Whatsapp Chatbot for fact check. The post claims that Airtel is offering free 200GB data for 1 month. Along with the post, a link was mentioned. When Vishvas News investigated we found the link to be fake. It is redirecting to a scam website. Airtel also confirmed that it hasn’t rolled out any such offer as mentioned in the viral post.


The post Vishvas News received on its Whatsapp Chatbot reads:
Airtel is offering free 200GB data for 1 month. Along with the post, a link was mentioned https://www.k1g6p8.top/app/4g/index.php.


Vishvas News investigated by clicking on the link given in the post. It prompted us to verify by entering a number. When we entered the number it further prompted us to do the following steps:

1. To be able to Activate the Free Internet First click on the green button “WHATSAPP” and send this news to 3 groups or 20 friends on WhatsApp so that they can also get this free service during this Long Quarantine!

2. After sharing, you will go to the next step so that you can activate this free internet service for 60 days.

The official website of Airtel is airtel.in or airtel.com. It isn’t the one mentioned in the viral post.

Also, Airtel never prompts users to circulate the offer in Whatsapp to 20 friends or 3 groups to avail the offer.

We searched the social media accounts of Airtel and also its official website for 200GB free data offer. There was no such offer that we could find.

We also searched the domain of the website mentioned in the viral message using Whois tool and found that the website was created in August 2020 and does not belong to Airtel.

Vishvas News spoke to Mr. Badal, an official from Airtel Customer Care. He confirmed that Airtel isn’t offering free 200GB data currently and the website mentioned in the viral post is also fake.

Conclusion: No, Airtel isn’t providing free 200GB data for 1 month. Also, the website given in the viral post is a scam.

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