Fact Check: Statement of Bihar CM Nitish Kumar on savarna caste voters is fake

  • By Vishvas News
  • Updated: October 1, 2020

New Delhi (Vishvas News): After the dates of the Bihar Vidhan Sabha elections were declared, numerous rumours have started doing rounds on the social media websites. In one of the viral posts, a template of Breaking News of ABP News Channel can be seen, in which a statement of Bihar chief minister, Nitish Kumar is being shared. It is being claimed that the Bihar CM said that he doesn’t care about the savarna caste people since they are not his voters.
In the investigation by Vishvas News the claim was found to be false, it was found that it was a propaganda against the CM. It was also found that the breaking news plate of the news channel was edited and the claim was inserted in the plate by editing the same.

A social media user, ‘Keshav Krishna’ shared the viral post and wrote, “Lijye ab bhi Kuch ijjat bachi he to bachiye yahi value rah gai he

Check the archive version of the post here.

Many other users too have shared the same claim on various social networking platforms.

Every news channel has a particular style and format of the template that they share on their news channel. Normally the fonts of the news are same. However, in the template with the viral claim, it can be noticed that the fonts are uneven.

Also, there are no grammatical or language errors in any news that the channel shares on TV. However, one can easily notice some grammatical and the language errors in the news template being shared.

It can hence be concluded that the claim being widely shared along with the template of the ABP news channel is edited. To verify the same, we compared the original template of the news channel found on its verified Twitter handle along with the one that is being widely shared.

The difference in the both was easily visible. We found that the fonts seen in both the templates were entirely different.

A journalist working in the editorial department of the ABP News told us, “This is clearly an edited breaking plate, in which various fonts have been used. Also, the language and the grammar mistakes are clearly visible.” The breaking news plate going viral in the name of ABP is fake where it is claimed that the Bihar CM gave the statement on a particular caste.
It should be noted that the dates for the Bihar Vidhan Sabha elections have been declared. For 243 seats in Bihar Vidhan Sabha polls, the elections will be conducted on 28 October, 3rd November and 7 November. While the results will be declared on 10th November.

In the viral post, it is being claimed that the Bihar CM Nitish Kumar made a statement on the savarna voters. In the news search, we found some news stories which claimed that Nitish Kumar has promised to create a savarna aayog and has also implemented the same after the reports. According to a report published on ‘Prabhat Khabar’ website on 24 April 2015, Bihar is the only state, which has promised to create a savarna aayog and has implemented the same.

This clears the air, that Nitish Kumar has not given any such statement against the savarna voters as claimed in the viral post.
The user who shared the viral post is a resident of Patna, Bihar. His profile is being followed by over a 100 people.

Conclusion: A claim on the statement being made by Bihar CM Nitish Kumar which is shared on a breaking news template of ABP News Channel is fake and edited. The CM did not give any such statement on a particular caste.

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