Fact Check: The video of people falling into a drain is from Rajasthan, not Maharashtra

The video of 5 people falling into the drain has nothing to do with Maharashtra. This is a video of an incident from Rajasthan.

  • By Vishvas News
  • Updated: August 16, 2022

New Delhi (Vishvas News). Amidst heavy rains in Mumbai, a video is going viral on various social media platforms. The video shows five people falling into a drain as the concrete slab they are standing on collapses. According to the post, this incident happened in Amar Mahal, Chembur, Maharashtra. Vishvas News checked the viral post and concluded that the viral video has nothing to do with Maharashtra. This incident happened in April 2022 in Rajasthan.

What is going viral

Facebook user Ravi Ramesh Punjani posted the viral video claiming that it is an incident from Chembur, Maharashtra. Along with description “Don’t miss the end near amar Mahal chembur”

The archived version of the Facebook post can be viewed by clicking here.


Vishvas News first searched the keyframes of this video with the help of Google reverse image to know the truth of the viral video. We found screenshots of this video in many news stories. We find this video’s screenshot in a news story published on indianexpress.com. This video was also embedded in the middle of the news story. According to the news “Five people fell into a drain after ground collapsed in Rajasthan’s Jaisalmer earlier this month. The moment recorded in a surveillance camera went viral on the internet, triggering a conversation about poor construction practices According to the timestamp in the footage, the incident took place on the night of April 7 at around 9.30 pm.”

We also found news stories on this incident on republicworld.com, and zeenews.india.com. According to both the reports, the case is from Jaisalmer in Rajasthan and the incident happened in April 2022.

We contacted Narendra Sharma, the bureau chief of Dainik Jagran in Rajasthan in this regard. He confirmed that “the video is from Jaisalmer”.

Vishvas News, at the end of the investigation, scanned the profile of the user who made the Jaisalmer video viral in the name of Chembur. In the social scanning of Facebook user Ravi Ramesh Punjani, it was found that the user is a resident of Mumba

Conclusion: The video of 5 people falling into the drain has nothing to do with Maharashtra. This is a video of an incident from Rajasthan.

  • Claim Review : In Chembur, Maharashtra, 5 people fell into a drain after a concrete slab broke.
  • Claimed By : Facebook User Ravi Ramesh Punjani
  • Fact Check : False
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