Fact Check: There is no ban on employing non-Muslims in Hamdard Company; the Viral claim is fake

Vishvas News investigated this post and found that the claim is false.

  • By Vishvas News
  • Updated: March 29, 2022

New Delhi (Vishvas News). A claim related to Hamdard Company is going viral on many social media platforms that there is a ban on employing non-Muslims in Hamdard Company and no person of any other religion is given jobs there. Vishvas News found that the claim is false. According to the spokesperson of Hamdard Company, people of all religions are given jobs in the company and people of all religions work there.

What’s in the viral post?

Facebook user ‘Advocate Neena Sharma Ward 9N’ shared a post that read, “The company making Ruhafza ~ Hamdard” is owned by Muslim Waqf Board, an Islamic organization. All its employees are Muslims. On Friday this company converts into a mosque. Hindus are not even allowed to set foot in this company. Boycott it completely. Forward this msg as much as possible and contribute to public awareness.

View the archived version of the post here.


To start our investigation, we first did a keyword search on the social network site LinkedIn and found employees of the company. We found several employees of Hamdard Company with non-Muslim names.

We also searched on the official website of Hamdard. We found the top management names here in the Leadership section of the website. Here too, many names were non-Muslim.

We also did a news search but we could not find any such news anywhere. Hamdard is a big and well-known company and if the viral message was true then some news related to it would definitely be present in the news.

We reached out to Mohammad Shariq, Manager, Marketing Division, Hamdard, to confirm the post. He told us, “This post is completely false and baseless. There are many non-Muslim employees in Hamdard.

In social scanning of Facebook page ‘Advocate Neena Sharma Ward 9N’ which shared the fake post, we found that 453 people follow this page.

Conclusion: Vishvas News investigated this post and found that the claim is false.

  • Claim Review : हमदर्द का स्वामित्व एक इस्लामिक संस्था मुस्लिम वक्फ बोर्ड के पास है। इसके सारे कर्मचारी मुसलमान है।
  • Claimed By : Advocate Neena Sharma Ward 9N
  • Fact Check : False
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