Fact Check: This bridge is in China, not Agartala in India

The viral image is not from Agartala Smart City. This bridge is from Kunming, China. Hence the post is FAKE.

  • By Vishvas News
  • Updated: January 11, 2022

Guwahati (Vishvas News) । A photo is going viral on social media where a beautiful pedestrian bridge could be seen. The post is claiming that this photo is from Agartala in India and has been built under Agartala’s Smart City Project. Vishvas News investigated the claim and found it to be false. The viral photo is from Kunming, China.

What is this viral post?

Social media user Amar Sarkar shared this viral photo (archive link) and wrote, “”আগরতলা স্মার্ট সিটি” (Agartala Smart City)”. The photo shows a beautiful pedestrian’s flyover.


We took the help of Google Reverse Image Search as well as Yandex Reverse Image Search to find the source of this viral photo. We saw many reports where this photo was used. The image is available in Wikimedia where it was uploaded by the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP) from its Flickr account. It indicates that the photo was taken on 28 November 2009.


We also found this image on photo stock agency Alemy. The description read “Street view of Kunming city”. You can see the photo by clicking here. You can see the photo by clicking here.

We also found this photo in a report on http://www.engineeringandarchitecture.com/. The report can be viewed by clicking here.

This photo can also be seen on Reddit with the description that this is from China. You can see that by clicking here.

We then visited the official website of the Agartala Smart City Project. Photos of various projects carried out under the Agartala Smart City Project are available on this website. However, this viral photo is not there.

Vishvas News then contacted local journalist Avijit Nath of Agartala. He confirmed that the viral bridge is not in Agartala.

At the last stage of our Investigation, we scanned the Facebook Profile that shared the viral image. We found that the user is a resident of Agartala in Tripura. The man did not mention more information on his Facebook profile.

Conclusion: The viral image is not from Agartala Smart City. This bridge is from Kunming, China. Hence the post is FAKE.

  • Claim Review : আগরতলা স্মার্ট সিটি
  • Claimed By : Amar Sarkar
  • Fact Check : False
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