Quick Fact Check: Fake Post Claiming MR Vaccine Causes Infertility Resurfaces

  • By Vishvas News
  • Updated: November 2, 2020

New Delhi (Vishvas News): A post has resurfaced on social media, It claims that schools in Kerala are forcibly injecting Muslim girls with a vaccine that can make them infertile as its side effect. One of the photos shows a vaccine MR-VAC, which is a common Measles-Rubella Vaccine. Vishvas News had earlier investigated the post and found it to be fake.


Vishvas News received a post on its Whatsapp Chatbot for fact check. The post claims that in a school in Kerala, a vaccine is being forcibly injected in Muslim women. As per the claim, the vaccine causes infertility in women. The photo of the vaccine was also shared.


Vishvas News investigated by searching the details of the MR-VAC medicine shown in one of the pictures of the viral post. Using InVID Magnifier it was revealed that the medicine is Measles-Rubella Vaccine. We searched about the medicine using Google and found that the medicine is manufactured by SERUM Institute of India.

As per the description of the medicine stated in the manufacturer’s website, MR-VAC is recommended in infants, children, adolescents, and adults and it is highly safe and well-tolerated.

The complete fact check can be read here.

Vishvas News contacted Dr. Praful Bharadwaj of UNICEF regarding the viral post. He also said that the viral post is fake.

Conclusion: The post claiming MR Vaccine causes infertility is fake. The post has resurfaced on social media after an year Vishvas News debunked it.

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