Fact Check: Post claiming pigeons can cure hepatitis and cancer is misleading

  • By Vishvas News
  • Updated: May 15, 2019

A Facebook post with a video is going viral in which it is claimed that wild pigeon can cure hepatitis by ‘sucking’ out viruses from the navel. The video is supported by the caption “This is the treatment of cancer.” Vishwas news investigated the video and it was found to be misleading.


As per the viral Facebook video, the wild pigeon can cure hepatitis by ‘sucking’ out viruses from the navel of the person suffering from hepatitis. In the video, a man could be seen lying down and another person demonstrates how a pigeon could suck the virus of hepatitis from the suffering man by pressing the pigeon’s anus on the navel of the man. The video suggests that as soon as one pigeon dies, the pigeon should be replaced. When the pigeons stop dying, the patient is cured. The caption written with the video reads: “This is the treatment of cancer.”

Fact Check:

The video claims that a pigeon could suck out the hepatitis virus from the navel of a person suffering from hepatitis. The caption of the video says that this is a treatment of cancer. This means that the treatment using pigeons can cure both cancer and hepatitis.

The viral post has been shared on Facebook by the page “The Lallu Top.” The video has 588K views, 6.3K reactions, 288 comments, and 14,670 shares.  

We looked upon the comments on the viral Facebook post and found that many users questioned the authenticity of the video, calling it fake.

We investigated further and tried finding out scientific studies on the hepatitis treatment as shared on the viral post. There is no scientific basis for this treatment.

We contacted a doctor and this is what he quoted:

Dr. Sajeev Kumar, C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S, General Physician: FAKE. There is no way to suck off viruses by pigeon. This treatment cannot cure hepatitis or cancer.”

Quoting the example of the treatment using pigeon to cure hepatitis, the position paper of the ethics bureau of the Israel Medical Association states that, “people tend to follow treatments based on religion and faith when medicine has no solution, and patients and their families are desperate.” Nowhere has it been mentioned that this process of treatment has been scientifically proven.

We used StalkScan to check the profile of the page ‘The Lallu Top’ and found multiple misleading posts on its profile.


Viral Facebook video claiming that wild pigeon can cure hepatitis by ‘sucking’ out viruses from the navel is misleading. The claim that this treatment can be used to cure cancer is false.

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  • Claim Review : Wild pigeon can cure hepatitis and cancer
  • Claimed By : Facebook page: The Lallu Top
  • Fact Check : False
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