Fact Check: The matrimonial ad seeking vaccinated groom is digitally created

The matrimonial ad going viral where a vaccinated bride seeks a vaccinated groom is digitally created to aware people about getting vaccinated. It was not published in any newspaper.

  • By Vishvas News
  • Updated: June 13, 2021

New Delhi (Vishvas News): A clipping of a matrimonial advertisement which seeks a vaccinated groom is being widely shared on various social media platforms. This is entertaining the netizens also. Vishvas News in its investigation found that the matrimonial ad is digitally created.

RJ Meghna posted the screenshot of viral matrimonial ad and wrote: New age matrimonial ad😂 Covaxin walo ko kuchh hi countries mein entry allowed hai! Looks like bandi ne honeymoon tak plan kar rakha hai! Afterall M.Sc in Mathematics jo hai 😍

Check the viral post and the archive version here.

The post was also shared by many on Twitter.


The post was also shared by Indian politician Shashi Tharoor.

Vishvas News started its investigation with very basic observations. The matrimonial ad being widely shared was in the form of a news, which is never the case with matrimonials in a newspaper.
Also, the post is also being shared on the WhatsApp with the name of ‘Goa Tim’ in the masthead.

Earlier too, Vishvas News had conducted an investigation on the digitally created newspaper clipping, and it looked very similar to that.

Vishvas News used the keywords, ‘newspaper clipping maker online’ and this lead to a website that generates newspaper clippings.

The newspaper snippet shown on the website was very similar to the matrimonial ad being widely shared online.

It was hence, clear that the matrimonial ad was digitally created.

With a little keyword search we found the Facebook page of ‘Give India‘ that shared the matrimonial ad and stated that, “58-year old Savio Figueiredo came up with a unique way to entice Indians to take the Covid vaccine. He posted a cheeky matrimonial ad of a fully vaccinated woman seeking a groom who is also completely vaccinated.”

It was through this post that Vishvas News came to know that the post was created by one, Savio Figueiredo.


Vishvas News in the last step of its investigation contacted, Savio Figueiredo through Facebook messenger.

Interacting with Vishvas News, Savio said, “It was meant for my friends on FB to encourage them to vaccinate having lost a dear friend to Covid. It was not meant to go viral. I hope the people of India vaccinate quickly and save each other”.
He also added, “I must clarify that I mentioned Covishield, as Covaxin not being approved by WHO does not allow its recipient’s to travel abroad and being from Goa many Goans work abroad and onboard the ship will not be take up their jobs. I have nothing against Covaxin.”

Vishvas News then did a social background check on the profile that shared matrimonial ad. RJ Megha is a verified Facebook page with 164K followers.

Conclusion: The matrimonial ad going viral where a vaccinated bride seeks a vaccinated groom is digitally created to aware people about getting vaccinated. It was not published in any newspaper.

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