Fact Check: Folk singer Sharda Sinha is alive, news about her death is fake

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  • Updated: August 26, 2020

New Delhi (Vishvas News). The claim about the death of famous folk singer Sharda Sinha is viral on social media. Vishvas News investigation revealed the claim to be false. Sharda Sinha has been affected with coronavirus infection, but her health is improving.


A Facebook user named Amit Srivastava wrote on his page, “Sad news. Renowned folk singer of Bihar Sharda Sinha passed away. May her soul rest in peace. Inaudible tribute.”

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We decided to investigate the information about her alleged demise. We searched on Google for news. We did not find any such information. Sharda Sinha is a popular singer and if something had happened to her, then media institutions would have reported it.

We contacted Amit Alok, Bihar in-charge of Jagran.com to investigate this. He told us that Sharda Sinha has informed about her health on twitter. Sinha said in a video that she is undergoing treatment for Coronavirus and is improving. Sinha had requested people not to pay attention to rumours. She also clarified us to verify the information from her Facebook page. Alok has also retweeted the video.

As per Jagran.com article, Inspector Sharda Sinha (54) of Motihari Nagar police station died on Sunday in a hospital due to Coronavirus infection. Folk singer Sharda Sinha is also undergoing treatment for corona at a hospital in Patna. After this people sparked rumours of Sharda Sinha’s death that turned viral.

From the official Facebook wall of Sharada Sinha, his son Anshuman has clarified about the rumour spread about her.

Social scanning of Facebook user Amit Srivastava revealed that he supports a particular leader.

Conclusion: The news of the famous folk singer Sharada Sinha’s demise is fake. She is currently suffering from coronavirus and is undergoing treatment.

  • Claim Review : Demise of famous folk singer Sharada Sinha
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