Quick Fact Check: Fake Post Claiming NASA Added 13th Zodiac Sign “Ophiuchus” Resurfaces

  • By Vishvas News
  • Updated: October 18, 2020

New Delhi (Vishvas News): Vishvas News received a post on its Whatsapp Chatbot for fact check that claims NASA has added 13th Zodiac Sign Ophiuchus. Vishvas News has earlier investigated this post and found it to be fake. The post had gone viral in July 2020 as well and is now again doing rounds on social media.


A post that has resurfaced on social media claims that NASA has added a 13th Zodiac sign named “Ophiuchus” to the list of existing 12 Zodiac signs.

Vishvas News has also received the query on its Whatsapp Chatbot for fact check.


Vishvas News started its investigation by searching the image on Google using appropriate keywords. We found a tweet posted by the space agency NASA.

The tweet made on July 17, 2020 stated: We see your comments about a zodiac story that re-emerges every few years. No, we did not change the zodiac. When the Babylonians invented the constellations 3,000 years ago, they chose to leave out a 13th sign. So, we did the math: https://go.nasa.gov/3gZnBwK

NASA has also debunked the post on its website stating it fake.

The complete fact check can be read here.

Vishvas News contacted Ames Public Inquiries, NASA. As per its spokesperson, “the information in the viral post is not true. NASA has not added 13th zodiac sign.”

Conclusion: NASA hasn’t added 13th Zodiac Sign “Ophiuchus”. The fake post resurfaced on social media after Vishvas News debunked it in July 2020.

  • Claim Review : NASA Added 13th Zodiac Sign “Ophiuchus”
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