Amanpreet Kaur is a full-time fact-checker and is associated with the Jagran New Media's Vishvas News. She has more than ten years of experience in print and digital media including 18 months of experience in fact-checking.

Before joining the Jagran New Media, she was the part of India Today Group's fact-checking team. Amanpreet is a Google certified trainer for debunking fake news. Her expertise lies in advanced Internet tools which are crucial for fact-checking and investigative journalism. She started her career from Rajasthan Patrika.

1) 8 July 2020

Vishvas News Team's Fact Checker did a story in which we removed one of the paragraphs which was a value addition to the story and was not needed. We put a disclaimer in this story.

Fact Check Stories By : Amanpreet Kaur

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