Abhishek Parashar is working as Chief Sub Editor at Jagran New Media and associated with Vishvas News as fact checker. He has around 5 years of experience in digital media. His total experience in journalism is of more than 8 years. He has previously worked with Press Trust of India (PTI-Bhasha), Business Standard (Hindi), The Economic Times, Catch News (Rajsthan Patrika) and News Nation Digital. Abhishek is a trained Fact-Check Trainer. He has attended a 5-day Fact-Check and News Verification training conducted by a Google certified trainer. He is a Post Graduate Diploma and Graduate in Journalism and Mass Communication from from Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) and Delhi University respectively.


1: Sept 16, 2019
Vishvas News received a claim on a story which was done on Sept 14 by Vishvas News Team member (Emp ID: PN0041)). Below is the story URL
Vishvas News received a mail from the admin of ‘Fir Ek Bar Modi Sarkar’ Facebook page claiming the rating given on its post by Vishvas News was incorrect. The author of the story didn’t get a required quote from Youth Congress. As per the IFCN guidelines and the SOP, Vishvas News made necessary correction in the story and changed the rating of the Facebook post from False to True.

2: May 26
On this story, Vishvas News received an appeal in which the user said he has made the required correction on the post in the Facebook page. Following the SOP and Guideline, a Team member (Employee ID PN0041) changed the rating to this story on May 26.

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